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We are still working on this page but please read what we have here

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in Eagles Park Campground & R.V., LLC.
Here we will try to explain why and what we are planning as quickly and direct as we can, so not to take up any more of your time than needed.

Let’s start with what you investment is going to build,   this link will take you to the current owners sale page for the campground with full details and photos of the campground as it is right now.  Please return to this page after and read of the improvements we plan to make in the order we plan to make them to make this your perfect escape.
As soon as we have closed on the property the open sign on the campground will go up and that same day we will start equipping the kitchen and apply for the inspection so we can open the restaurant as soon as possible, In the first week we will supply and open the store and start the rehab on the shower house with 3 toilets, 3 sinks and 3 showers in both Men’s and Women’s sides  ( at this time 1 side of the shower house has 1 toilet, 1 sink and no shower the other side has 1 toilet, 1 sink and 1 shower). 
In the first month we plan to have all the above done and have 2 of the 4 Glamping Tents ready for rent, the mobile home fixed up to rent along with adding  other rental items such as river tubes, bikes, tents, ...
In the second month we plan to  add 2 of the 12 the Camping Cabins and add 2 a month till all 12 are completed. I would like to also let you know the Camping Cabins will meet the specs for a Tiny House ( ) and will be for sale as another income stream and they will either be built on skids to be loaded on a trailer or be built on a trailer frame.
Eagles Park Campground & R.V. will be open year round. Eagles Park will offer the ultimate experience for both the new and seasoned camper in the RV and Camping world, Including the restaurant and camping/fishing/hunting store.

Our accommodations will be Camping Cabins, Luxury tents for those who want to try
the new trend of Glamping, we will also have basic tents from 2 man to family size for rent and basic camp sites for rent, 100 amp electrical service with full hook-ups for the new big rigs and larger R.V.'s down to 20 amp service for the smaller trailers and pop-ups, we also plan to have different sized R.V.'s for on site for rental and sale.

Our amenities will include rental of floating tubes for the river that is within walking distance of the campground and rental of Mountain Bicycles to help explore the state park behind the campgrounds and federal park across the street that protects the Current River.
We will offer activities for children and adults alike, There will be a variety of activities going on every
weekend and most days during the busy part of the camping season as well as specials during the off season forthose wanting to escape and use our heated units. We will have an outside walk up theater, drive-in style, bring your camp chairs not your car, board games for families and children, hayrides, ice cream socials, sand volleyball court, A huge fire-pit for sing a longs, weenie roasts and smours, just to mention a few.
Our restaurant will be open all year and offer the finest and freshest local ingredients we can find. We will also offer room service delivered right to your R.V., tent or cabin.

We are seeking $250,000.00 to buy the property and start the upgrade's to make this a good income producing Campground in the hart of Missouri

Why we have to fund this campground in this way ? 
 Eagles Park the campground that is there now is listed in the county as commercial property and as such banks and lending intuitions consider it a business.
As a business it has to show an income for them (banks and such) to consider any kind of loan on the property.
Do to health reasons the current owners had to close the campground almost 3 years ago, when they were open for business they ran it as what they called a “hobby business”  and did not file business tax returns, they only filed the income on their personal taxes. Once that statement has been made 95% of the Lending Institutions we spoke with was done, nothing more need be said because their underwriters had nothing to base the loan on.
That’s where you come in, you will be providing the funds to buy and build this campground and also build it a financial history that we will be able to take to any bank in 3 to 4 years to pay off any amount left on your investment.

Certificates can be gifted, traded, willed, sold or traded-up for better accomidations(see Trade-up List Below), So you can do about anything you would like with your certificates.

Investors will be on a separate email list where they will recieve imediate emailed details on all special activites and discounts(musical weekends, Bar-B-Q special weekends, Ice Cream Socials with homemade ice cream, sports tournaments weekends, such as Vollyball, Beach Vollyball, horseshoe, washers, Campers only fishing tournaments and so forth) we plan to have at Eagles Park Campground & R.V., LLC as soon as plans are finalized giving them first chance to make reservations before any of our patrons on our monthly email list.

Most of all we are in hopes that our Investors will give us suggestions, input and feedback(kind of our brain trust) on most everything to do with the campground, restaurant, store activities and what have you, because we want you to feel like this is YOUR   Campground.
Investors will also be listed on our Sponsors page along with their business if they are a business owner and if you are a business owner you will be able to put a free ad for your business in our monthly newsletter to all of our patrons.
Rental Items List for Discount Card
Basic Camp Sites                    Air Mattresses               River Floating Tubes
Electric Only Sites                Sleeping Bags                  Tent Storage
Full Hook-Up Sites               Camp Chairs                     R.V. Storage
Glamping Tents (All)           Camp Stoves                    Television w/DVD Player
Camping Cabins (All)          Cooking Utensils           and everything else we may
Tents                                              Moutain Bikes                add to make your camping more enjoyable.
I would like to add a special note on Rental Items, We do plan to have Canoes, Kayaks and Rafts available for all of our patrons but they will have to be thru a 3rd party due to the Missouri State Law( they have a very limited amount of outfitters licenses for this type of water craft), This being said we will not be able to discount the 3rd parties prices but we will do our best to get the best rate possable at all times.
Certificate of Apprication Trade-Ups
Use 2 Certificates and get 2 nights on an Electric Only site, the 4 Breakfast Buffetts and Lunch for 2
Use 2 Certificates and get 2 nights on a Full Hook-Up Site and the 4 Breakfast Buffetts
Use 4 Certificates and get 2 nights in a small Camping Cabin and 4 Breakfast Buffetts
 Use 4 Certificates and get 2 nights in a small Glamping Tent and 4 Breakfast Buffetts 

 S     A     M     P     L     E