Investment Information

                                                                                                                                   How this will work

We are in need of $250,000 to buy and open the campground , restaurant, store and start the improvements.  We will have openings for a maximum of 50 Investors at $5000 each.


For each investment of $5000 you will receive a Promissory Note worth 1/50th of all properties, equipment and buildings owned by (in other words everything owned by) Eagles Park Campground & R.V., LLC, This Promissory Note will say that you have invested $ 5000 in Eagles Park Campground & R.V., LLC and shall be repaid by profit sharing within 5 years of signing the Note at a total of 50% interest for the entire Note until paid in full and/or the remainder to be paid after 5 years from the date the Note is signed. to put it in simple terms for the $5000 investment you will receive $7500 within 5 years ($5000 x 50%($2500)= $7500).  So if you would break that down per year it is 10% interest and you can’t get a rate like that at you bank, credit union or any other type institution.  


Repayment will be thru Profit Sharing and paid Quarterly. what this means is our Business Accountant will take 30% of all the money made each month by Eagles Park Campground & R.V., LLC and put it in a special savings/checking account, Then every 3 months the Accountant will take the total in the account divide it by 50 and send that amount to each Note holder.

I know you have seen or read that we offered a 100% return on an investment, So along with each Note you will receive 100 Certificates of Appreciation, each are good for 2 nights camping and breakfast buffet for 2 each morning after camping (total of 4  breakfast buffet).
We value them at $ 25 dollars each but if you add it up (2 nights camping at $ 10 a night is $20 and  breakfast buffet we hope to charge more than $ 8 per person that would be $ 8 x 4 = $ 32), that would give them a true value of $ 52 each, this in its self is a 100% return on each Note.
 You can do whatever you want with Certificates of Appreciation, use them, barter them, sell them, gift them, use for a group camp out(friends, work, church, baseball/softball team, you get the idea), use multiple Certificates of Appreciation to trade-up as we build( see list below).

Certificate of Appreciation Trade-Ups

Use 2 Certificates and get 2 nights on an Electric Only site, the 4 Breakfast Buffett’s and Lunch for 2

Use 2 Certificates and get 2 nights on a Full Hook-Up Site and the 4 Breakfast Buffett’s

Use 4 Certificates and get 2 nights in a small Camping Cabin and 4 Breakfast Buffett’s
Use 4 Certificates and get 2 nights in a small Glamping Tent and 4 Breakfast Buffett’s 

Please see are Info page for more perks and the full story.